Vautostock improves, helps manage and measures the preparation process.  This is great for the staff involved in the process and improves their working life but what are the financial benefits to the business?

Add £150,000 to your bottom line

In our case study we witnessed a reduction in stock days by 18 days.  Most of this was achieved within the preparation process.  This was not achieved in one area, it was a case of tweaking every step of the process to achieve an improvement overall.  When we calculated this against the cost of stocking each vehicle, this worked out to be as much as £247 per vehicle.  No matter the size of your site this is a substantial saving.

3-5% margin improvement

By reducing the average vehicle stock days, the amount of money saved by the reduction of dropping book values can be up to 3-5% per vehicle.

Positive financials for the whole business

Whilst you can see some of the financial benefits to your business there are the unseen ones too.  Because Vautostock reduces time wasted by staff in all departments, it means they can focus on other areas of the business.

Vautostock - Charges

We are confident that any business that uses Vautostock will see both a benefit in streamlined processes, but more importantly improved profit.

We understand you have to be sure that Vautostock fits your business and achieves a return on your investment.  With the results we are seeing across a range of businesses we are confident it will.  This is why we offer a six month trial of the product.

Vautostock Premium

  • Online check-in

  • Workshop, SMART Repair, Bodyshop, Valet and Photo modules

  • Stock location tracking

  • Stock transfer

  • Full reporting

  • Interfaces with your Dealer Management System (DMS)

  • email alerts

  • Stock profiling

  • Over age vehicle alerts and pricing tool

Vautostock Lite

All the functions of Vautostock Premium but without the link to a DMS system, ideal for independent retailers.