Our Customers

We are delighted to be working with the following businesses.  All vary in size and structure.  It is a pleasure working with all businesses.  

We now represent most brands and see 2000 + vehicles go through Vautostock each month.



A bespoke solution for Broekhuis in Holland

In December 2017 Broekhuis contacted us following the construction of a new preparation centre in Holland which deals with the preparation of vehicles across 47 sites.

They first came across Vautostock last year at CDX17 and had been impressed as to what it could do for them, but they were keen to build in additional features as they were buying vehicles from other European countries.

All these vehicles needed paying for, transporting and then processing through their Dutch Vehicle Standards Authority (similar to VOSA in the UK).

We looked at how we could support them in doing this. The solution we were able to implement enabled the buyer to upload the vehicle details along with an invoice.  This then notified the finance department to raise payments.  Once paid for, the transportation company is automatically notified, and they can then arrange delivery along with updating estimated delivery dates.  Important vehicle documentation is uploaded and held online for dealer reference.

Once the vehicle arrives it is checked-in using an advanced check-in feature and time measured through the process to completion.

The result is that the vehicle is quickly ready for the Broekhuis branches to purchase out of the delivery centre.  The vehicles are prepared and ready to go along with pictures for their website.

It has been a pleasure working with Broekhuis and demonstrates how we can quickly bespoke parts of Vautostock to suit our clients.

If there is any part of the system that you think would need adapting for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

New features added

Every month we add new features completely free for all our clients.  The latest ones will always be detailed below.

Estimate completion date - Trade Price Cars

Due to the volume of vehicles that Trade Price Cars sell, they use a number of different Bodyshops.

Having a number of different vehicles at different Bodyshops became difficult to control and some Bodyshops were taking longer than others.

We quickly updated Vautostock to allow users to select the Bodyshop the vehicle had gone to, and allow an estimated completion date to be inputted.  If this date lapsed, this is highlighted to the Manager.

This information is used to speed up the Bodyshop process.

Key number - Simple but effective.

Seems obvious but a lot of time is wasted looking for keys.  The key number is visible to process users such as the Workshop or if you are Sales Consultant looking for a vehicle to test drive.

If you use Trakka we are able to take a feed and update the key number automatically and change the vehicle location.

SMART Repair - Different suppliers 

Dealerships often have a number of different SMART Repair suppliers not just one.  With Vautostock you set up alloy wheel providers, dent repairers, SMART paint and as many as you like.  When the supplier arrives on site they can access the work they need to do online or you just print a list out from the system.  Simple, quick and they do not waste time looking for work.  It also ensures they do the oldest first!

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