£150,000 to your bottom line

By speeding up the preparation process Vautostock reduces a retailers average vehicle stock days.  This adds up to some big £savings through reduced stock charges and increased margin.  One retailer is already saving £247 per car on stock charges alone.

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How it works

Vautostock automates, measures and improves your preparation process.  We take a feed from your DMS and then automate the process linking all departments together regardless of whether it is an internal workshop or third party supply such as SMART repairers.

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Online demo today

Arrange your Vautostock demo today.  You will like what you see.  It only takes 45 minutes and can be done on your site or online.  With the money Vautostock will save you, can you afford not to?

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Our aim

Our aim is that everything we do,  we must improve the business we work with and make it more money.

Having spent over 18 years working within a number of dealerships, there is a true understanding of the challenges faced each day.

Our vision is centered around making today's jobs easier through clever solutions but also looking ahead to preempt the current and future customers buying preferences.

Do not take our word for it

For a balanced view please read this article in Automotive Management


Vautostock - The Video

Watch a snippet of Vautostock here.


Arrange a demo

Nothing we can put on this website will explain the benefits of Vautostock as well as a onsite or online demo.  It takes 45 minutes and with the money we will save you, can you afford not to!